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Q:  My child has wrestled before.  What age group / session should I sign them up for?  I want to make sure they get a good workout.

A:  This is a great question, and we're here to help.  You should sign your child up for the session according to the appropriate group.  Please email us if you have questions regarding which group is most appropriate.  At Warrior Wrestling, we make sure that each session is age appropriate regardless of skill or experience.  Whether they are a first-time wrestler, or have been getting after it for a few years, your child will get the attention and coaching needed

Q:  What makes Warrior Wrestling different from other local wrestling clubs?

A:  While difficult to answer in a paragraph, the primary difference is the approach we take to athlete development. The vast majority of the clubs around SW Michigan are built around a competitive season whereas we focus on developing the fundamental skills required for a wrestler to be successful in the long run.  We do not have a MYWA team.  We do not send out teams on a weekly basis during the competitive season.  While we love to compete, we've unfortunately seen too many young kids have a bad experience in their first few tournaments and end up leaving the sport.  We will however be more than happy to help you and your child pick a few tournaments a year to attend if desired.  If done right, and with the proper expectations, these will be some of the lasting memories you will have with your little warrior!  Simply follow these links for more information:  USA Wrestling's Youth Development Model  /  USA Wrestling Youth Training Principles.  If you have further questions on our approach, please send us an email.  We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Q:  What should my child wear to practice?

A:  This is of course weather dependent, but your child should have either shorts / sweatpants, T-Shirt/sweatshirt, and then wrestling shoes. For wrestlers safety, please do not have your child wear a hoodie to practice.  Fingers can get caught in the hood while practicing.  If your child does wear one, we will just ask them to remove it once we are finished warming up.


Q:  Can my wrestler compete in tournaments if they are ready?

A:  Absolutely.  If you would like help finding suitable tournaments to attend, by all means we will be happy to help out.  Competition is a good measuring stick but is not our primary goal.  Also, we strongly encourage families to travel and learn about the sport.  I still have fond memories of my dad sitting in my corner at youth freestyle tournaments and helping me through the tough times as well as celebrating the good ones. 

Q:  What time should I have my wrestler to practice?

A:  Practice starts right at the time stated for each session.  We recommend getting there 5-10 minutes early to ensure your child has time to get his shoes on and is ready to go once we start practice.  

Q:  Can I stay and watch my child practice?

A:  Due to limited space, parents must wait outside of the practice room.  We also have found over decades of coaching kids that they tend to be more engaged, and focus their energies when it's just them, their peers, and the coaches.  If you would like to learn more about helping out during practice, please see one of the coaches at a practice to learn more. Lastly the staff at Warrior Wrestling is super tech savvy so we will make sure you have plenty of opportunities to eavesdrop on your kids to see how they are doing.

Q:  How can I stay up to date with everything going on at Warrior Wrestling?

A:  We do our best to keep all parents and athletes up to date with everything going on in the world of the Warrior Wrestling Club.  If you haven't already done so, please visit our Facebook Page.  We will push a lot of weekly content out through that and our Instagram Page.  This includes practice updates, schedules, cancellations in the event of adverse weather, etc.  

Q:  What does a typical practice look like?

A:  All of our practices follow the same format.  15 minutes of active warm up including body awareness drills, 30-35 minutes of wrestling instruction, and we wrap up each practice with 10-15 minutes of games or activities that reinforce the topics we just covered.  The goal is to make it so that your child WANTS to come to practice. Wrestling is hard enough as it is, so we take any and every opportunity to inject a little fun. 

Q:  Are there any other coaches that help out at each practice?

A:  One of the things we pride ourselves with at Warrior Wrestling is the breadth and knowledge of our coaches.  With so many contacts in the sport we will often times have special guest coaches and athletes stop in to help with practice.  You never know who could walk through those doors, and parents rest assured your child will have some of the best wrestling instruction in the region.

Q:  Why do you limit the number of kids for each training session?

A:  This is very intentional. Our goal is to provide the very best instruction for your child.  As groups get larger, the ability to work on an individualized basis becomes increasingly more difficult.  We strive for a ratio that we feel gives us the best possible mix.  

Q: Can my daughter wrestle?

A:  Absolutely 100%!!!  Women's wrestling is  the fastest growing female sport in the country, and we've had a number of girls train with us over the years.  If you have any questions or concerns about this do not hesitate to reach out.  Wrestling is one of the best confidence boosters a young girl can get.

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