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The Warrior Wrestling Club was founded in 2019 with the goal of increasing youth participation rates in wrestling while reducing long term attrition that our sport historically struggles with.  By bringing a new approach to athlete development, we believe our methods will reduce the number of wrestlers that leave our sport every year.  Our goal is simple ... get more kids in the Greater Kalamazoo area wrestling.  Our club is open to all athletes in Portage, Kalamazoo, Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, Mattawan, Parchment, and surrounding area school districts.  If you want the best instruction, then the Warrior Wrestling Club is where you want to start your journey.  

Unlike traditional programs that emphasize early competition and limited breadth of skill development, the Warrior Wrestling Club is rooted in establishing the foundational skills required for long term success.  Wrestling is arguably the hardest sport your child will compete in, and unfortunately, we see too many kids leave the sport because of bad experiences in their developmental years.  Achievement at the youth level is in no way indicative of future success, and our approach focuses on establishing a love and passion for the sport in a fun, and engaging way.



Patterned after USA Wrestling’s Youth Development Guidelines, our methods begin with age appropriate instruction that helps your child become aware of how their body moves and introduces the building blocks that are the foundation of all things wrestling.  Through focused drills, group activities, and games, your child will gain the confidence needed to become a better wrestler. 



We focus on athletes’ grades Kindergarten through 8th, with the expectation that we have prepared your child to take the next development step upon entering middle school.  We believe that by arming youth wrestlers with the fundamental skills needed, that the overall wrestling community will be better served by having athletes prepared to transition to more advanced instruction. For more details on what a typical practice looks like, or to learn more on our philosophy please see our Frequently Asked Questions.




The coaching staff at Warrior Wrestling  is top rate.  As a college wrestling coach, I can attest to the methodology and approach these guys are taking.

Your child will be in great hands, and how can you not love the energy and enthusiasm that the coaches bring to each and every practice.

I wish that all youth programs were run with such passion and knowledge.

Asst. Head Wrestling Coach Adam Fahs

Indian Hills Community College 

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